Welcome to another delightful episode of “Cooking with Grammy,” where the heart of family and tradition come alive in the kitchen. Today, Sandy and Caroline are thrilled to welcome a special guest, Caroline’s Grandmother Vilma, lovingly known as Abuela. Together, they will share the cherished family recipe of Bacalaitos Fritos, or Cod Fish Fritters, a classic dish that brings a taste of Puerto Rican heritage to the table. Join us as we dive into this culinary adventure, blending generations of love and flavor into each crispy bite.

Cod Fish Fritters

1 lb. shredded and desalted cod
3 cups all-purpose flour
1 1/2 cup water
1 tbsp. crushed garlic
2 tbsp. cilantro
2 tbsp. oregano
Salt and pepper to taste
oil (for frying)


1. Cod comes dry and is covered in salt to preserve it unless you buy the frozen unsalted version. If the cod is salty, it must be desalted by washing it with plenty of water and letting it rest – it is important to change the water several times. To ensure the cod is soft, it is necessary to boil it in plenty of water for several minutes. After cooling, it crumbles easily. You should taste it to check how much salt it contains and if necessary, wash it again with water.

2. Mix all the ingredients in a container. If you need more water, add it little by little until the mixture is neither too liquid nor too thick. 3. Heat the oil to medium-high temperature and with a spoon place the batter in the oil. Keep frying until golden and toasted, then drain them on towel paper.


1 lb. bacalao desmenuzado y desalado
3 tazas de harina de todo uso
11/2 tz. agua
1 cda. ajo machacado
2 cda. cilantro
2 cda. orégano
adobo – sazonador o sal al gusto
aceite para freir


1. El bacalao es seco y está cubierto de sal para preservarlo a menos que se utilice bacalao congelado sin sal.

Si el bacalao está salado hay que desalarlo lavándolo con bastante agua y dejarlo reposar. Es importante cambiar el agua en varias ocasiones. Para ablandarlo, es necesario hervirlo en bastante agua por varios minutos.  Luego de enfriarse, se desmenuza con facilidad.  Es recommendable revisar cuánta sal contiene y de ser necesario, se lava nuevamente con agua.

2.  Mezclar todos los ingredientes en un envase.  Si llegaras a necesitar más agua, agrégala poco a poco hasta que la mezcla quede ni muy líquida ni muy espesa.

3.  Para freir, debes calentar el aceite a temperatura media alta y utilizar una cuchara onda de medida. Freir hasta quedar doratidos y totstaditos.  Luego escurrirlos en papel secante.