Many families are preparing to vacation this year, and most parents realize traveling with children can be hectic. Amid the excitement is potential for restlessness and boredom that can quickly become disruptive. Thankfully, there is plenty that you can do to ensure traveling is easier and fun for your family.


Get the Important Stuff Out of the Way


Preparing for traveling brings a host of logistics you have to consider before you even start to put together stuff for the kiddos. This can include checking drive time or flight times, confirming your route, setting up lodging or renting a car. And whether you’re renting a car or driving, you want to make sure your car insurance coverage is up to snuff. Determine whether you really need that extra insurancethey push at the rental agency, or make sure you know what applies with your coverage if you happen to be involved in an accident while out of town. Tending to these easily missed details can mean the difference between a good and a horrible trip.


Create Entertainment


Whether you are on the road, on a plane, or taking a break during a long journey, entertainment is essential to travel. What you bring with you will depend on the age of your children. If they are younger, you could try coloring and sticker books, drawing boards, or a fun picture story. If your children are older, you could opt for audiobooks, card games, or simply download a few films or games for them to enjoy. Ensuring your children stay entertained is especially important if you are heading on a long drive. Tablets are ideal for all ages, as there are plenty of appsdesigned for toddlers to teenagers. Some could be especially relevant to your travels. For example, you could encourage your kids to use drawing apps to sketch memories as they make them.


Bring Comfort Items


Regardless of age, your children may become stressed during travel. Even if they have taken car trips or flown on a plane previously, it never hurts to provide them with a few reassuring comforts. Familiar items can be invaluable and may serve as a distraction during a long journey or a protracted wait at an airport. You might include a stuffed toy for young children, or a book to help pass the time. Even a favorite blanket has the potential to calm your little ones as they adjust to unfamiliar environments.


A surprise giftcan also be effective in grabbing attention. If your kids have a growing interest in a particular character or animal, you could acquire a few related toys to introduce them to during your travels when they start to get agitated. The surge of excitement at an unexpected present can help take their mind off any stressful moments.


Encourage Responsibility


Traveling can be full of stress and confusion. A well-organized trip can ease some of the strain, and delegating some responsibility to your kids can aid the process. Involve your children in various aspects of your excursion. Have them help packbelongings, but be sure to do this under your supervision. Allocate specific items to dedicated bags such as packing toys and snacks in one Ziploc bag. If you feel comfortable, have your children carry a small tote, or whatever is most practical, to the car.


When it comes to planning, encourage your children to pick activities that they would like to partake in during the journey and once the destination is reached. This might involve particular games or they may have valuable contributions to make to the family itinerary. In the end, you may find their ideas not only to be inspired, but opportunities to fulfil goals together.


Pack Meals and Multivitamins


When you are traveling, it’s important (and cheaper) to have plenty of healthy snacks and portable meals on hand to ensure the whole family is well fed. This does not have to be too involved, as you can rely on plenty of staples to give your family nutritious and fulfilling snacks. Your children may already be familiar with the standard PB&J and wrap sandwiches. These can function much the same way as any comfort items you pack, providing reassurance if, and whenever, stress peaks during your journey. You might supplement these with crackers or veggies and hummus, and even a protein box to give everyone a concentrated, healthy meal. Dried fruit, pretzels, and cereal barsare other valuable additions, especially when it comes to getting through airport security.


Since there’s still a chance your children won’t fulfill their daily nutrition requirements from food alone (you’ll be on vacation, after all!), you should leave room in your bag for multivitamins. The best brands contain all the essential nutrients, as well as probiotics, to promote a strong immune system and a healthier gut. You can rest easy knowing you’re helping your kids stay happy and healthy with good nutrition and supplements. Plus, you’ll lessen the chances of fatigue and tantrums on their part!


Your travels do not have to be stereotypically chaotic. Give your children some responsibility, offer them plenty of distractions and keep the family fed with nutritious snacks and supplements. Wherever and however you travel, you can make this time full of memories where anxiety is kept to a minimum.


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