“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.”  I venture to say there are very few that have not heard this famous catch-phrase many times over in our lives.  With the creation of the perfect body dictated by social media and shallow blogs, beauty is typically referred to in society as that of a physical appearance.  However, external attractiveness has at times no relation to physical, but actually, the goodness or essential quality within ourselves that often times society tends to overlook.


Our UNTOLD feature showcases the amazing story of 22-year old twins who live their lives as children due to a genetic disability and the “beauty” they see the world through their eyes.  This month, our UNTOLD story is, once again, shared by the incredible Lorna Dancey.  It is one that should leave us contemplating or own definition of beauty and one that should help us appreciate the beautiful moments we have the privilege to create for our own lives every day.


Through Their Eyes


They see the beauty of the world in a way that is unique to only them.   They enjoy the simple pleasures offered in life that you and I usually take for granted.  They like to laugh and be silly and run around in the playground.  They will stop and smell a pretty flower and pause to listen to the secrets’ the wind carries. They love animals, art, music and photography and they know they are not like any other boys their age.


To their mom, they are two miracles that have been fighting for a life free from judgment and heartache. To the outsider, they are seen as adults and people don’t understand why they laugh and play like children, but it’s because they are.


They are 22-year-old twins who, regardless of their age, will always live their lives of an 11-year old. They were born with Fragile X syndrome.  This is a genetic disability that not only turns on the Autism gene but also affects both boys mentally, behaviourally and physically. People stare at them, point, laugh and ask what is wrong with them.  They have been called retarded more times then they can count.  They have been picked on, beat up and threatened all because they are misunderstood to the world that doesn’t take the time to get to know them.


They have overcome so much adversity, pain, health problems, mental health issues, loneliness, and fear. They know they have limitations and will never drive a car, maintain a long-term relationship that will lead to marriage and a family.  They know they’re different and it hurts them terribly because all they want is to be just like you and me…

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