Happy Mother’s Day!  From the Mother’s Day Series: “Through Mine. Through Hers. Through Theirs.” A Mom’s Project of beauty, self-worth and unconditional love created by Lorna Dancey of Lorna Dancey Photography.  

Through her eyes at the end of the day, she sees and owns all the hurtful words that have been thrown at her. She’s been teased about her weight, her height, and her nose.  She’ heard it all. The cruel words that have stuck to her and the self-doubt is now her armor. Nights are the worst as she plays the day over in her head and wonders how she could’ve been more successful. “A woman brain is like a ball of yarn,” she said, “once it starts the worrying process, it’s hard to stop”.

In the meantime, her husband is sound asleep, softly snoring.

Through my eyes, I couldn’t help but stare. Her eyes are bluer and brighter than the sea itself. Behind those eyes, I began to notice a very kindhearted soul. She’s loving, giving and self-sacrificing. She will do anything for her family and friends. I know this because she is my dear sister-in-law. I love her quirky little smirk that leads up to an infectious smile. She is one of the loveliest women I know.

Through her daughter’s eyes, she has a perfect and beautiful smile. She loves them because they always sparkle.  Her daughter loves her button nose.  Her daughter tells her she is perfect and she’s always good just the way she is, even when she’s not feeling good about herself.  She’s always there, helping her through the tough times.  She’s her mom – and nothing else matters.

The Mom Project:  ‘Through Mine, Through Tours, Through Theirs’ was created out of teaching self-love.  As a photographer, Lorna Dancey wanted to inspire all Mom’s to be kind to themselves and see the good in everything they do and in every way they love. Lorna asked Mom’s one-by-one how they saw themselves. She then brought their children into the studio to share what they loved about their Mom. The results at times were life-changing.  She wanted each mom to see not what they saw as a woman or mother, but, in fact, what she saw. Most importantly, she wanted each Mom to celebrate themselves through the eyes of her own children and to see the importance of who they are so their children will do the same for themselves.