Welcome to Unconditionally Her.  Spring. Is. Here.   Hooray!   In my neck of the woods, it is an exciting time to see old man winter finally leave and to see all the beautiful colors finally coming to life with the new beginnings that spring brings. I eagerly wake up each day wondering if today will be the day that my cherry trees are going to bloom this season, and it brings me such great joy when I finally see the “sea of pink” outside my front door. I. Love. Spring. I love it!


As we move into fair weather and appreciate the outdoor beauty that unfolds, Unconditionally Her will be right there with you to celebrate the goodness that spring brings.  Food, fun, and inspiration are always in order and we’ll have plenty of it coming your way including new several amazing Untold feature stories!     We will also hear some special news about an upcoming partnership.  It is time to BLOOM and Unconditionally Her is going to do it this month!


With the new beginnings of spring, it is a good time to talk about health.  It is always the right time for good health and April is no exception.  April marks National Minority Health Month and this year’s theme is #VaccineReady. The focus will be to empower communities to educate themselves about the COVID-19 vaccines to get the facts, share accurate information, participate in clinical trials, get vaccinated, and practice COVID-19 safety measures. While we all want to put the pandemic behind us, we need to be diligent. Look for a special feature this month about being vaccine ready and the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Office of Minority Health’s Minority Health Month efforts.  April also celebrates public health with April 5-11 marked for National Public Health Week.  That means a lot to this editor-in-chief as a long-standing public health professional.  There has never been a better time to celebrate the importance of public health – as a profession and as people caring about the health of our neighbors and communities – than in 2021.  And of course, we cannot forget World Health Day on April 7th. Let’s give health the importance it deserves this month!


I’ll close with a favorite spring quote.  “Where flowers bloom, so does hope.” Happy Spring Everyone!


Be Encouraged, Be Empowered, Be Inspired – Be Unconditionally YOU!