Happy New Year! I love new beginnings & start overs. Not so much New Year Resolutions.


The intentions we have … pounds to lose, books to read, closets to clean, and all those projects to finish.   My heart is pounding with excitement. Will I start a new workout?  Do I go to the library or buy a book?  Do I donate, throw out or keep all my closet treasures? Which project first?  I’m exhausted.


Suddenly, it’s March.  The scales put a little tear in your eye, the book on the nightstand has dust on it, and don’t open the closet – not a project finished!


That’s how my New Year Resolutions WERE.


I now have a guaranteed resolution l want to share with you.  It starts with a passion.  Mine this year is to help feed dogs in my community.  Simple, maybe.   But I believe even giving a little something simple can make a huge difference.


To help fund this endeavor, I asked my family for dog food and sandwich bags for my birthday.   At first, they thought it was weird and a little sad. Now it’s just normal. My community has a drop off box for food and other donations which is close to my house.  I keep a container full of dog food in my car which makes it easy for me to replenish the box at any time.




Yes, simple ideas can create big things and can change a community.   THIS year pick an idea YOU are passionate about, and YOU will have a successful New Year resolution!


Here’s to a wonderful 2023, everyone!


Special thanks to Fox Farley Willis & Burnette for providing the drop off box in my hometown of Clinton, Tennessee.