It’s that time of year we’re all looking for that perfect gift.  For me, I found my gifts several years ago when seven women I graduated high school with decided to renew our friendship.  Over the past few years we have bonded, reconnected and shared joys –   ultimately embracing our longevity and love for laughter by proudly carrying the unashamed title of Clinton’s “Sexy Seven”.  (It’s ok to laugh now.)


Today, we are Jesus-lovin-mamaw-huggin-wine-tasting-friends-to-the-end kinda gals.  Our lives may have changed since high school. Today instead of sharing make-up we share reading glasses. No, our hair is not as high as it once was and our nights definitely end earlier these days.   But, what we DO  share are witty one-liners, hours of laughter and lots of self-amusing entertainment.


Andrea, Cara, Donna, Jamie, Lori, and Maria – thank you for this fun journey we’re sharing together.  For this Christmas, the tables are turned and YOU are the best gift to ME and I can’t wait to see where our journey takes our friendship for many years to come.


While I can’t put this unique friendship in a gift bag,  I can sure make one!  For me a “bling bag” for the Sexy Seven was the perfect way to start a holiday season fully spirited.  Now I gift to you – our readership – a way to make the holidays a little more special by creating your OWN “bling bag” for those special gals in your life.


Items you will need:


Below are some examples of how I made my “bling bags”.   That said, there is no one way to create – other than from the love in your heart.  I do suggest you start with a base of ribbon you cut into strands.  (I chose the ‘bling” style ribbon – for obvious reasons.) However, you can be more classic by simply gluing old Christmas cards or even some copies of old pictures with your friends/family.




Speaking of friends, old ornaments are certainly your friend as you use your glue gun to make the magic happen.  After the bags dry, toss in the perfect tissue paper to complement each unique-style bag to make it the perfect gift at Christmas.


Happy Holidays to you and yours this wonderful season of giving.  May you all find and rekindle friendships from the past to make your present more meaningful.   Remember, it’s always the personal touch that makes every holiday brighter and fuller of joy.  Blessings to you all.


(A shout out to Vicki Long for showing me the love of bag making.)