We are all blessed to have a mother.  However, I am fortunate to have two – one from birth and one from friendship.


My story began the first day of college meeting my suitemate, Susan.  Susan had an amazing mother named Carolyn.  From the moment I met her, Carolyn became my second mother.


My relationship with Carolyn got me through sicknesses in college, held my hands through dating breakups and patiently talked me through those infamous sorority dilemmas.


As we grew older, we never grew apart. With Susan in tow, our annual beach trips and long conversations kept our spirits and hearts alive during marriages, children and then…illness.


Several years ago, we lost Susan – my friend and her daughter – to pancreatic cancer.


My friendship now with Carolyn is like true mother/daughter.  I can never repay or thank her enough for her shaping me to be who I am today.


I have kept a cherished green dress of Susan’s in my closet for many years now. Because this time of year brings back memories of those college years, it seemed fitting to honor Susan’s memory and gift back to her mom, Carolyn, her daughters dress – re-created and handcrafted as a fall ornamental pumpkin.  This is a gift she can use for many years to come, always reminding her of the love she gave to both the daughter she birthed and the daughter she inherited from friendship many years ago.


Here’s how you can gift someone you love the same…





First, find the fabric you wish to create the craft from.  In this case, it was Susan’s green dress.  Note:  This particular craft, it is best to use a sweater.












Use something round to get the size of the pumpkin you wish to create.  In this case, we used a regular-sized pizza pan.











Cut and stitch around the top – keeping the hole open in order to stuff the item. If possible, use the same color of thread as your pumpkin.  If it is multiple colors, pick one that is more neutral.  It is best to use a larger needle (long sewing needle with a large eye needle – darning) for this process.











To save on costs, I used the stuffing from one of my summer pillows.  You can also think about buying stuffing at a discounted store – Goodwill, etc… or, you can purchase “ugly” pillows on clearance and use the stuffing.










Stuff your pumpkin tightly, going around the sides first.  Tie the thread off.












Using the same needle and a long pice of your thread.  Tie/knot it off off the bottom.  Take the needle through the pumpkin and bring it around the sides going around 3-5 times giving it a shape of a pumpkin.










Using a live, dried pumpkin stem, hot glue to the top of the pumpkin.   Note:  Go to a local grocery store that sells pumpkins and look on the bottom of the flat or box.  Pick up any that have been pulled off or have fallen off.  










Final product:  A pumpkin made with love and given to someone you love to look at through the holiday season for years to come.






I would personally like to thank Jamie Jones for showing me the art of this fabric pumpkins.