Welcome to Unconditionally Her and to the colorful month of May. I’m hoping that the month is as colorful as in years past, though I am beginning to have my doubts thanks to unexpected freezes and crazy, roller-coaster-like temp changes in my area.   I have noticed some trees and plants aren’t blooming as usual while others look like they might not have made it.  I am going to celebrate what does grow and enjoy!


We have lots blooming this month and are eager to share with our readers.  As part eight of our nine-part A Time to Bloomcoaching series, we’ll talk more about movement, exercise and play, with this time of the year being perfect for getting your groove on outside in the fresh air and sunshine. Last month I wrote an article on the benefits of getting outdoors and gardening, and this month will put the spotlight on getting outside and being active, with emphasis on getting fit in the pool with pool season knocking at our door.   Speaking of pools, look for a feature from contributor Cindy Small as she shares a personal interest feature on what pool time looks like at her 55+ retirement community (hint: you are GOING to laugh at this one!).  May 14-20 is National Women’s Health Week, so it’s a great time to take stock of our health and look at steps we can take to improve.  This month we will celebrate Cinco de Mayo with two incredible recipes and Karen Shayne took a trip to Calgary, Alberta, so we will hear lots about where to go and what to do. Plenty more coming this month, so join in the fun.  Finally, look for some special announcements coming soon as Unconditionally Her continues to BLOOM all throughout the summer.


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Have a beautiful, inspiring, and colorful May!


Be Encouraged, Be Empowered, Be Inspired – Be Unconditionally YOU!




Source:  National Cherry Blossom Festival. https://nationalcherryblossomfestival.org/