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Authentically Yours Column title Slide - Photo of Cindy Small

Authentically You

By Cindy Small

Cindy Small arrived in N. Alabama following Hurricane Katrina in 2005. A native of New Orleans, she graduated from Tulane University with an undergraduate degree in Journalism and a Masters in Historic Preservation Studies. Since retirement a few years ago, Cindy emerges herself in art and writes regularly for various creative non-fiction publications. Many of her short stories are published and they all deal with the eccentricities of a NOLA native. Cindy’s art is sold at two shops in North Alabama. She also volunteers for The Cancer Center in Huntsville as a patient care rep in the chemo room.

Enamored with Old Houses

Enamored with Old Houses If you are like me and appreciate peeling paint, rusted ironwork and worn bricks, you will be part of my tribe of loving well-worn houses. Old homes are full of so many secrets that we wish the walls could talk. People like me fall in love easily with them and make…

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New Orleans Streetcars

New Orleans Streetcars Growing up in New Orleans riding streetcars, I realized it was not just a mode of transportation so much as an experience; riding in a historic trolley while taking in a scenic view of an incredibly historical city. The New Orleans trolley is the oldest operating railway system in the world and…

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