At a time when the commitment to your resolutions may be falling behind, falling off, or completely abandoned – hold on! And if you’re one of those that didn’t make resolutions, which I don’t, let me throw out some ways to keep your life focused on moving towards your goals with a different, and more compassionate approach, a sort of resolution re-do.

While collecting quotes for Talk Nice Tuesday, a Peace Dragon project on re-teaching people how to speak kindly to ourselves and others, I came across two quotes that struck me as a perfect way to reflect on resolution redo’s, and the elements your resolutions might be missing. And for the no resolution group, I offer you my non-resolution way of getting to my happy place!


“People are not lazy. They simply have impotent goals – that is, goals that do not inspire them.”  – Tony Robbins

How committed are you to your resolution? Is it something you really want to do, one you think society pressures you to think you need to do, or is it an issue of health you need to do, but ughhhhh, that makes you want to not do it! Your passion and desire keeps the spark of your resolution lit. If it’s something you’re not inspired to do, let the resolution go and reconsider what you really want to do.

If your heart and soul is in this goal, keep it fired up by creating a scaled goal and reward system to achieve it. And here’s the deal. It can be a weekly, monthly, quarterly or daily reward. These are things you get to decide. No matter what goal or resolution you set, unless the sparkle of your goal overrides your desire to change, your resolution isn’t going to manifest on it’s own. You just don’t leap to the top of the hill, and you don’t make giant changes overnight to patterns created throughout the years.

Life takes passion.

Growth and change take passion.

You have the firepower to light and relight your passion.


“Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss you’ll land among the stars.”

– Les Brown

The big goal is the moon, but don’t forget to stair-step on those stars to get there. And don’t be surprised if one of those stars directs you in a new direction. So dream big, but see smaller, and allow your path to flow where it goes. I know. It takes a second to grasp this idea; it’s totally contrary to the preconceived largeness of resolutions and the barrage of brightly colored inspirational quotes bursting with infinite possibilities and posted, reposted, reworded and reposted. I post them too! They motivate, but they can also deflate. The one thing I do know is to set your compass, and take a step. Baby steps. And enjoy every step in every direction! Every step has a purpose and a pause.

Look at where you’ve been, not how far you have to go. So map your way to the moon, but through the stars, celebrating every star-step.


“It’s my heartwork.” – Linda Ragsdale

After a traumatic event in my life, my focus became heart-driven, my main mission to make love, for self and world, as the start and restart response to any challenge in life.

Under a compassionate lens, I don’t do resolutions in the “one time or go broke” sense. My goals are set and reset every three months by doing a single piece of art that reflects my wishes. I print out multiple images on business cards and place them in my purse, on my car visor, and by my bedside table. I used to have lists of weekly goals, but through a program with Sark, I now use sticky notes. Things change, steps change, and this allows me to be flexible and keep me moving forward. I list the project or goal on a heart-shaped sticky note, and post long skinny ones mapping out the small steps to make this wish come true. The image is a radiating heart. I see it as my heart power. Before I go to bed, I psych myself up for one or two of my steps, and dream on those intentions. There are several heart charts always in play.

Sometimes I make new steps, because the path and project goals became clearer. It wasn’t a waste of time to get there and revise, but it would be waste of time to ignore new revelations.

A resolution, goal, wish or dream must be tended. You don’t just throw a seed into the ground and sit there waiting, you need to sing, water and nurture it. Reflect on your resolutions and check on your passion, flexibility and commitment to making them come true. Do it now. And then do it again and again. And love what you do!

Peace in,