Navita Gunter
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Navita Gunter is a 20+ year cervical cancer survivor, a noted poet, and motivational speaker. In 1991 along with Dr. Elizabeth Williams, director of public health at Tennessee State University and others, she was asked to be the face and voice for cervical cancer in the state of Tennessee. This is where she used her experience of being a survivor to help encourage women to take control of their cervical health and to know that this cancer does not have to be a death sentence if caught in time!

On every Friday night, the complications of life slowed down at the packed to capacity Kijiji’s Coffee Shop on Jefferson Street. Poetry turned the


[caption id="attachment_4436" align="alignleft" width="150"] Portraits of Navita Gunter, a cancer survivor, made for the Crowning Glory Project of the Parthenon Chapter of Links, Inc.,