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Wendy Matthezing was born and raised in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. She was a single Mom for 10 years and has two amazing teenage boys. Her second chance at love she intentionally allowed God to write her love story. Today, she is married to her best friend from junior high! She has led support groups such as Divorce Care and Single & Parenting and has spoken at several events. She is an advocate in sharing God’s unconditional love, and always seeks to share a smile or conversation with a stranger. Through her column “Walk With Me?” she invites her readers to walk with her on a journey of faith. She shares not only her own journey of life’s hardships and celebrations, but she also shares other stories from her project called Heroes of Hope. She believes there is ONE love no matter our differences or beliefs and hopes to bridge the gap by one story or conversation at a time.

As the world watched the events of the US election unfold it brought forth much unrest. No matter which way you voted, this historical


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There is something to be said when you arrive home at night and the lights are on. It’s as if to say, “welcome home”.


Growing up I never had a personal relationship with God. I was introduced to religion which was a regimented process of obedience. I often