Lexi is a 12 year-old who hails from Edmonton, Alberta Canada.  This past year, Lexi started a group called “Kids Who Care” encouraging kids of all ages to come together and make a positive change in their corner of the world.  Lexi is about giving back and encouraging others to do the same.  Join this pint-sized powerhouse and she begins her journey of doing good in this world – and having a little fun along the way – every month in Beautifully Me with Lexi.

I was challenged in school to write a creative story for the holiday season.  So, here is my letter to Santa told from the prospective of the Grinch who really never stole Christmas.  Merry Christmas everyone!   Dear Santa,   This is the Grinch who so-called “stole Christmas” writing to you to prove my


Hello Beautifuls!  Several months ago, I made the decision for my health and wellbeing to go vegetarian.  Well, you can only imagine the frustration I have at times going to restaurants.  But, I found The Moth Cafe' and they have an incredible menu of vegetarian meals and as chance would


Join Lexi and Friends as they pay tribute and honor those serving us during this pandemic. Be kind today.  Give back.  Honor those who are honoring us. Special thanks to the Edmonton Police Department for their service and their cooperation.   [embed]https://youtu.be/WfettgofNEQ[/embed]


It's Smoothie Time!  Meet 12-year-old Lexi from Canada in her first Beautifully Me post for Unconditionally Her as she starts her journey to share a little love, a little yum and a lot of kindness to our readers.  Want the recipe for a good Lexi smoothie?  Check it out below! [embed]http://https://youtu.be/83-JemKJAiE[/embed]   Lexi's