Some women struggle with finding time and energy to clear their calendar to get their hair done. Not me.  When I pull up to Ann’s in Clinton, Tennessee, I see the flowers in full bloom.  In winter, there is a wood stove burning.  When you walk in the shop there’s a popcorn machine with the comfort smells of that familiar flavor, uncompleted puzzles, bowls of candy and always great conversation with one or two of the older ladies.


Ann Trentham has been a staple in the hair dressing world.  Always taking the next step of kindness helping her clients to the car, handing out packets of seeds to start the next garden. A simple sign with painted words “Beauty Shop” is so much more than a place to cover those roots.  It’s a community gathering place for all to share their love and stories of life.


For years, I have watched the love Ann shares, so for my first article, I wanted to return a little love to her with this unique transformation from candle-holder-to-planter for her shop.



1.  I broke one of my outdated, but beautiful candle holders.  It’s sister holder (complete with an old maroon candle) was still hanging at the house when I realized how lovely it would look if I turned it into a flower garden.  I figured out I could use most of the contents from my yard, only needing to purchase the seasonal  flowers.




2.  I started out with rocks, then potting soil, ground moss, a few extra rocks for the top and an old grapevine I found in the garage.  Carefully, I layered each element making sure the view from every side had its own unique presentation.





3.  For this project, I purchased only one plant, utilizing spillover from other plants in my yard to make sure the candle holder was full and greenery would tower the top and flow down the side. I placed the flowers and greenery and added the grapevine to spiral.  It gave the project a more “earthy” feel.   I added the moss at the top and allowed the greenery to drape down the side.




4. While she was away from the shop,  I carefully placed the gift by the entrance  and called her.  I told her she had a surprise waiting and thanked her for all her years of making others feel beautiful.  I was truly happy when I received the call of immense gratitude stating it was the ” prettiest thing she had ever seen.”  The surprise element was the best gift of the entire project.  I know my “to you” made “her day” and can’t wait to see how the contents change through the seasons.



Well, first article done!  Thanks for stopping my new series “From This. To That. To You.”  I would love to hear what you are doing for someone special in your life.  It doesn’t take a lot to make someone feel appreciated and when you take the time to gift something from your own hands with the things you have around your house, it can really make someone’s day.  Send me your ideas!  See you soon!