Over the next few weeks I am going to share some of my make-up tips for dry, mature skin. This information is not only great for ladies “of a certain age,” but is also great for women undergoing cancer treatment, because their skin has a higher tendency to be dry.

It is always important to start with a clean, moisturized face before applying makeup. Moisturizing is so important, as is drinking lots of water. Don’t forget to hydrate! Remember, what goes inside, shows on the outside.

I’m going to begin with 3 of the most important steps to get you started with your beauty regime:

1. Correct – It’s true, sometimes mature skin can lend itself to dark circles under the eyes, as well as some predominant veins that show when our skin begins to thin with age. Try correcting this unwanted color with a contrasting one. Use a peach based cream to neutralize the blue, and think “color wheel”.

2. Blend – Use a liquid foundation to even out the skin tone. It is more moisturizing than other types of foundation and you can control how much you use. You don’t always need to cover the entire face. Have a light touch, and use a color that is as close to matching your neck as possible to avoid a line of demarcation. Remember, less is more!

3. Conceal – Finally, I like to “spot” conceal. You really don’t need much and it is great to put on after your foundation so you can just cover what shows through. I like to dab it on with my finger so I can just apply what is needed.

Now that you have prepped your face, give it a light dusting of powder to set the make up and you are ready to continue!