It’s here again – that time of the year when many of us proclaim with astonishment how quickly another year has passed. For me, in many senses it has passed quickly yet other times it seems to have gone by slowly.  Whatever your reality has been during 2021, December is here no matter how quickly or slowly the path may have been the other 11 months of the year.  I ask myself how well did I do this year really being present in the moment and enjoying all that 2021 had to offer as well as being fully present for others?


Being fully present means being fully conscious and “in the moment,” free from the noise and distractions of our inner dialogue and voices, and free from outside distractions. Being full present is often connected with feelings of tranquility, stillness, and peace. Not an easy feat, but it can be done.  Some use the word “mindfulness” synonymously with being fully present and it’s true, it is impossible to be mindful without being present. Regardless of which terminology is used, being fully present and mindful can greatly enrich our lives – and that of others whose lives we touch.   There are a multitude of mindfulness apps – many of them free – and articles to explore. If you’re struggling with being present, take some time and explore.  A good place to start is at   This is just the tip of the iceberg but a great start.


For many, December is a time of joy and celebration while for others it is a time of sadness, grief, reflection, and loneliness.   And maybe it’s a bit of all for some.  This time of the year – the season of giving – provides yet another reason to really be present and mindful of and for those we care about and love.   How do we show we are fully present for others? Showing up and being there for someone – whether to simply enjoy their company, to provide support or fill a specific need, or some combination thereof – without bringing our own personal agenda.  What a gift to give!


Our present to our Unconditionally Her readers is a wonderful array of articles this 12th month of 2021.  Look for plenty of features that are sure to please and inspire. From holiday recipes including a “Merry Christmas Martini” and , cookies with the amazing Sue Paist, inspiring UNTOLD stories, and a bit of the heart-warming and unexpected, so many “presents” will be shared with our readers this month.  May you be fully present and “in the moment” as you enjoy each article, inspired by our gifts to you, and find joy in this season of “presence” and giving.

Be Encouraged, Be Empowered, Be Inspired – Be Unconditionally YOU!