Shared by Medical Fitness Network, and featured in Genome Magazine’s spring 2016 edition

Can wearing a fitness device actually change your health habits?

In the 2013 film Her, Theodore(Joaquin Phoenix) falls head over heels in love with his computer operating system. After meeting “her,” he never wants to be without her, and his life is changed forever. That’s how New Yorker Marian Rivman feels about her FitBit — the wearable activity tracker that counts her daily steps and the calories she burns and monitors her heart rate. After she’d had it for only one day, she was in love, she says. And since then, her life has certainly changed.  “I want to have a naturally occurring 10,000-step-a-day life,” says Rivman, a semi-retired public relations and marketing consultant who recently celebrated her 70th birthday. “Not that I just go out for a walk, but that I have a life that’s vigorous and active, and in the course of just living, I walk 10,000 steps.”

Would a fitness tracker help YOU get the recommended 10,000 steps a day? Read the full article to learn more about these little devices that just MIGHT make a difference in your health in the spring issue of Genome Magazine.

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