OK, I admit it: I am a diehard Blue Bloods fan.


As a matter of fact, on a scale of 1 (crummy) to 10 (off the charts), I personally rate the show at about ah…oh….fifteen. My family will tell you anytime this treasured show is on ANY channel, you can find me dialed in.  I even binge- watch on all networks –  ION, Prime and Netflix, too. For those of you who do not share in my passion, that is alright. There is still time to convert, so there is hope for you, too!


Given my addiction, you can only imagine when a cookbook came out, I was pretty much first in line. fellow addicts know the Blue Bloods family dinner is the centerpiece of every episode. The Reagans gather around the oak table in the dated dining room to talk, laugh and, at times, argue  – very loudly – sharing the latest drama in their lives.  Whether the dinner topic is work or personal, that pivotal scene shapes the show – and sometimes even character of a particular member of the Reagan family.


The Blue Bloods Cookbook showcases the recipes shown in the episodes. Bridget Moynahan, the show’s star, invites you right to the Reagan table, offering food lovers over 100 delectable recipes of their comfort food that will make you feel right at home. Cast members share their favorite recipes – and also stories about their personal relationships with their tv family.


My favorite recipes include the Sweet Brussels Sprouts, Roasted Root Veggies, Herb-Roasted Chicken and especially the Standing Rib Roast with Cipollini Onion Sauce.

And the desserts?  Well….I would definitely give the Drugstore Chocolate Cake two thumbs up!


Now, if you are looking for something fancy, this isn’t your cup of tea.  Much like the fictional family and its plots, the cookbook is kept real and family style.  Bottom line: there is a place setting for you at this table, with down-home recipes for every member of your own family to enjoy. The Blue Bloods Cookbook will delight your heart and your taste buds.


And to CBS, THANK YOU for giving us a quality show for ALL the family to enjoy  – together.  It is my hope there will always be a place for shows and family gatherings like these.  May you keep the Reagan soulfulness and love of Family on our screens and in our lives for years to come.


Now, go get that book!