My New Discovery in Maine

One of my favorite places for an end-of-summer or early fall getaway is Maine.  I have visited five times now though mainly had stayed in the same general area.   I had long heard about the charming town of Kennebunkport and decided that would be part of my 2023 post-Labor Day visit to Maine.  Through my own research, I discovered the coastal, quaint, peaceful, Cottages of Cabot Cove, an enclave of 16 tiny cottages that are so darn cute and cozy! 

Décor and Explore

Cabot Cove is a beautiful tidal cove off the Kennebunk River and is where the cottages get their names. The scenery – both indoors and out- on the Cottages of Cabot Cove property is just amazing.  I spent three nights there with my aunt in the “Sweet Dreams” cottage.    Being all about décor and decorating, the first thing I noted was the time and effort that went into making this cottage unique and aesthetically pleasing. We chose “Sweet Dreams” as our cottage because it was one of only a few with two bedrooms, and it was such a great choice.  It was tastefully and whimsically decorated and was a great environment to just unwind and relax.     There are also opportunities to do just about anything you want to do.  Going to the beach, bike riding, fishing, walking, hiking, boating, kayaking, surfing, paddleboarding, horseback riding, golfing, running, shopping, eating, sight-seeing in town, sitting by the firepit, or just more chilling out – this is the place to do it!  The property was gorgeous as was the cottage and landscaping.   We had a breakfast bag delivered each day to our front porch which was always delicious, and attention was paid to every detail.

The Hook – Angela Lansbury, Anyone?

I must admit, what drew me in to the Cottages of Cabot Cove was the name – Cabot Cove.  I am a HUGE Angela Lansbury fan and in particular, “Murder She Wrote” the novels and TV series, and the Jessica Fletcher character who resides in the fictitious Cabot Cove, Maine (there is no “Cabot Cove” town or village in Maine, though there is the inlet noted earlier).  “Jessica” always seems to solve the many mysteries and murders that occur whenever she may be – which is usually in Cabot Cove.  While the show was filmed at Universal Studios in California, there are many things found in several small, coastal Maine towns and villages that suggest that Cabot Cove was based in part on these towns, including the beautiful Kennebunkport where we stayed.  The Cottages of Cabot Cove even has beach cruiser bikes for guests to use, just like one you might see Jessica Fletcher pedalling.   Our cottage even had a “Murder She Wrote” novel on the bookshelf.


The Best Part

The best part of any travel can be the company that you keep, and all the memories made. I got to enjoy time with my aunt away from the busy, everyday life that so many of us seem to live.  Peacefully waking up whenever the mood would strike and making each day our own.  While the trip was a time to get away and relax, it also gave me an opportunity to do some writing on my academic endeavors, which I am pleased to say are wrapping up.  Peaceful Cabot Cove Cottages gave me just the right place to think creatively and get my second wind as a writer.  Just for a few moments, I felt like Jessica Fletcher typing her next novel on her classic typewriter, except I was on a laptop, of course.    Cabot Cove Cottages and beautiful Kennebunkport, Maine, I’ll be back!   

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