When you have made it through cancer treatment, the life you face is undoubtedly different than the one you experienced prior to your diagnosis.  While you’re unsure of how you will live in our “new normal,” remember that life is full of possibilities.  To get you started, here are three tips for writing your new chapter:

1, Find ways to enjoy life.

Exploring new hobbies or activities, spending time with friends and family members or volunteering for cancer or non-cancer related organizations are great ways to start this next phase of your life.

2.  Join a cancer survivor group.                                                                                                                                                                                           Cancer is a life-changing event and sometimes your need to talk with others who have undertaken the same journey.  Being part of a group allows you to share your feelings and concerns with survivors who have had similar experiences as well as offer your encouragement to others.

3.  Face forward.

With the end of treatment comes the beginning of a new phase of life and the chance to focus on what matters to you most.  Recognize what the cancer experience has brought into your life – new strengths, deeper relationships, a shift in priorities – and use that knowledge to chart your path going forward.  Although you cannot change having had cancer, you can change how you live the rest of your life.

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