A super quick and easy summertime dish that gives your taste palette just what we’re all asking for – a little sweet and a little salty.   Known as Prosciutto e Melone in Italy (I know, kinda fancy, huh?),  this simple summer treat is perfect for an appetizer, a boat bite, a side dish or a quick snack.   The best thing about this dish is you can dress down as a snack, or dress it up for a more sophisticated style. Either way, you will love it, I promise.


Cantaloupe and Prosciutto


1 cantaloupe – seeded and cut into 8 wedges

8 thin slices prosciutto





Remove the flesh from the rind of the cantaloupe; wrap each piece of cantaloupe with a slice of prosciutto. Arrange on a platter and serve cold.


You can garnish is some fresh mint to give it a pop or you can drizzle with a tad bit of honey or agave.