The 12th month of the year.  December.   Every year it is about that time where I begin thinking about another year that has passed

Happy Thanksgiving?   Yes, the question mark is intentional.   What does your Thanksgiving look like this year? For most, you may not see those that you love

“Stay quiet, listen and keep your head down. Try not to stand out.” Those were the words of advice I was given when I

Since I was of age to move out of my parent’s house, it was a no-brainer for me to begin the holiday traditions only

If you are seeking an emotional release and want to describe your feelings from pen to paper, you might be shocked at the rhythm

Fall is ON. The. Way.  It seemed like “poof” and summer was gone this year, even with the ongoing pandemic.   I am loving that

Growing up I never had a personal relationship with God. I was introduced to religion which was a regimented process of obedience. I often

Dear Diary, “You’ve changed”. A statement I’ve heard recently that I can’t get over.  Change shouldn’t always be viewed as a negative aspect. Change can

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