From the moment he wakes up in the morning, he is a happy man.  He gets ready for the day and smiles easily to himself

This is just a deck of playing cards – nothing fancy, no grandiose logos, not expensive. But this deck of cards tells a story

With her backpack slung carelessly over her shoulder and her heart full of new possibilities, she walked along the hallway that was lined with

“Broken crayons still color.”  Karen Garner Scott   Her name was Karen. She made everyone in her path smile with her contagious laugh.  The “always upbeat”

Over the years, I have experienced love, loss and everything in between. My husband, Raymon, was diagnosed with testicular cancer just one year after

Margaret Chilly Davies stepped out of her cabin with her favorite book of herbs and a cup of laboom tea in her hand. Her

A long, overdue “goodbye” to 2020. It feels so good letting go of what had to be one of the most disappointing- and to

If I said you could have peace no matter your circumstances. Would you believe me?   If I said that joy and laughter can be experienced

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