“Stay quiet, listen and keep your head down. Try not to stand out.” Those were the words of advice I was given when I

Since I was of age to move out of my parent’s house, it was a no-brainer for me to begin the holiday traditions only

With quaint hotels, shops galore, cobblestone walkways, a mountain roller coaster, wineries, Alpine food and copious amounts of specialty drinks and beer, you would

If you are seeking an emotional release and want to describe your feelings from pen to paper, you might be shocked at the rhythm

My name is Kellee Southern and like most women, I thought had my life under control. And then on my Dec., 27, 2012 my

For most of my clients, asks of their most precious commodity - time - continue to grow, even as their mental and physical bandwidth shrink under

Normally in the summer, especially in the South, folks are more than ready to give up on iced Mocha lattes, bath-like swimming pools, walnut-colored

The mountains are one of my happy places to recharge and to gain a sense of myself again because, to be honest, there is