So, it’s February and the month of “all things love,” right?  With these current times being what they are, most of us could really

Since I was of age to move out of my parent’s house, it was a no-brainer for me to begin the holiday traditions only

The time to concentrate on living a safe and cautious life is now.  We are all currently experiencing a dress rehearsal on the new

January is already almost over and soon we hit that time where New Year’s resolutions start to fall apart.  Or at least head towards

 I was born in New Orleans, Louisiana at The Touro Infirmary during the month of February. Those born in that month do suckle breast

Editor's note:  As we celebrate National Survivors Month, we celebrate amazing people like Cindy Small who are brave enough to share their journeys.    Unconditionally

Mother’s Day is arriving soon for many and according to stats, it is the busiest holiday for restaurants, florists and Hallmark card stockers. But

The holiday season isn’t always filled with the joyous visions media presents. There are multiple stresses in getting to places, getting into lines, getting

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