Normally in the summer, especially in the South, folks are more than ready to give up on iced Mocha lattes, bath-like swimming pools, walnut-colored

The time to concentrate on living a safe and cautious life is now.  We are all currently experiencing a dress rehearsal on the new

OK, Friends (deep breath),   When I first imagined writing an article around organizing tips for back-to-school a couple of months ago, I confess I had

When one is born into a European family, has tasted Whipped Cream Chocolate Éclairs in utero, and lived a lifetime in New Orleans where

Show of hands - how many folks out there have some sort of a drawer (maybe several

February 14, 2020, marked the start of my third year of self-employment. The past two years of growing and running my business, as well

January is already almost over and soon we hit that time where New Year’s resolutions start to fall apart.  Or at least head towards

If you are on social media, then you have certainly seen the movement to "pick your word" for the year. The concept exploded on

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