For some women, the idea of losing their hair during chemotherapy is traumatic, to say the least. Their hair is part of their identity and these women struggle to develop high self-esteem without it. Fortunately, there is a solution! A beautifully crafted wig that looks identical to her own hair can help a woman regain a sense of self while taking a journey that can become unsettling at times.

We started the Chrysalis Custom Hair Wig Giveaway so that women facing cancer could receive a free synthetic or human hair wig that is meticulously designed, cut and colored. During the annual event, we distribute gently used wigs that our skilled staff has washed and refurbished.

Beginning on October 1, any woman who has cancer related hair loss can sign up online to put herself in the running to receive one of the 50 wigs offered this year.  Ten of these wigs are hand tied, hand painted, European human hair wigs that were originally created for a Chrysalis Custom Hair client. Upon finishing their treatment, these clients want to ensure that another woman fighting cancer can use their “super hero cape”, in the words of one client.  There is also a nice selection of beautiful synthetic styles available through the giveaway.

Receiving a wig can make a tremendous impact on a cancer patient’s life. When Megan Oster was diagnosed with breast cancer in October of 2015, one of her first two reactions was devastation over the high likelihood that she would lose her hair due to chemotherapy treatments. She had never had short hair, and at the age of 37, still considered herself a “girly girl,” favoring dresses over jeans and hair that reached nearly to her elbows.

In the midst of a six-year period that had been rife with struggles, Megan’s naturally thick, silky, straight hair was one part of her life that was easy. Now, she faced that blessing being taken from her. Plus, Megan was diagnosed with stage IV breast cancer – a stage that the medical community considers incurable because the cancer has metastasized from the primary site to other areas of the body. This meant that she might never have her long hair back, as she could be in and out of chemotherapy for the rest of her life.

Megan was in agony over the idea that she might have to spend the remainder of her life with no hair or short hair. She barely gave the potential loss of her breasts a second thought, but the hair loss haunted her. Long hair was part of who Megan was as a person; it was not merely an aesthetic issue. One day, she told herself with conviction, she would get a long human hair wig.

Then Megan’s cancer journey took a wonderful turn. While searching online for wig shops and salons, she came across Chrysalis Custom Hair. A visit to our website revealed exciting news: Chrysalis was holding a wig giveaway! Recipients could receive a high-end, synthetic or human hair wig for free! She immediately registered and then waited with bated breath for a phone call she hoped with all of her might would come.

And one day, we made that phone call to Megan! She was now the owner of an absolutely beautiful long human hair wig that looked eerily like her real hair. Megan started to shake and cry and thanked us  over and over again. Sheh told us it was one of the best days of her entire life.

When Megan went in for her fitting, our staff treated her like a princess. We  were gentle and kind with her, pampered her with edible treats and made sure she liked everything about the wig, from the color to the style. We also fitted the wig meticulously to ensure that it was comfortable and secure on her head. The experience was very uplifting for Megan.

Two weeks after beginning chemotherapy in December of 2015, Megan’s hair started to fall out in clumps, so she had her head shaved and prepared to don her wig. It was a cathartic experience. When she slipped on her new hair the day of the shave, Megan immediately felt better. It was as if the wig was meant for her. Despite cancer and all that it threatened to take from her, Megan felt like she had not lost this part of herself.

People were amazed and dumbfounded by how natural the wig looked. Even those who Megan told about the wig could not believe it was not her real hair. She even received compliments from several men who told her they liked her hair!

The wig boosted Megan’s confidence during her tumultuous journey and allowed her to look in the mirror with pride. Entering the giveaway was literally life-altering for her. Wearing her new hair meant the world to Megan and gave her an extra dose of willpower to fight her battle with cancer.

This year, more women can experience the joy and relief that Megan felt. To register for the Chrysalis Custom Hair Wig Giveaway, simply go to  and click on the banner that says “Wig Giveaway.” Select  a wig from the grid and submit the form. Recipients will be drawn at random.  Those chosen will be notified by email and given 72 hours to accept the wig and schedule a time to get  their wig fitted at the wig fitting party held on October 25 between 10 a.m. and 5 p.m. If no confirmation is received a new recipient will be chosen. In order to claim the wig, recipients must present a prescription for a cranial prosthesis or doctor’s note, to  ensure that the wigs  given solely  to cancer patients.

Recipients may bring one friend or family member over the age of 18 with them to the fitting.  If a recipient is out of state or  unable to attend for medical reasons, their wig will be sent to them at no charge.

The wig fitting party is something we at Chrysalis Custom Hair look forward to all year long. The process of fitting recipients is filled with laughter and happiness. These feelings are contagious and we are thrilled to offer this service to women who are fighting cancer.

Please help us spread the word on social media so that more women can benefit from the giveaway!