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Cocktail Hour

By Karen Shayne

Welcome to “Cocktail Hour”! This column is all about drinks, the kind that make you smile. We’re here to share the secrets of making great cocktails, from the classics to the cool new ones. Want to know how to make your favorite drinks or hear the stories behind them? You’re in the right place. So, let’s get ready to have fun with drinks and discover some awesome new sips together! Cheers! 🍹🍸🥂

Cocktail Hour: The White Lotus

Crafting the White Lotus cocktail, discovered completely by accident at North Italia and recreated in the kitchen of Unconditionally Her, is a harmonious blend of artistry and flavor. Begin with a foundation of smooth vodka, adding a touch of Luxardo Bianco for depth. Elevate the concoction with the delicate essence of elderflower syrup, infusing each…

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Cocktail Hour: Pomegranate Orange Margaritas

Pomegranate Orange Margaritas Introducing a wintery tantalizing fusion of sweet and citrusy indulgence – the Pomegranate Orange Margarita. This deep orangy-red concoction marries the rich, jewel-toned allure of ripe pomegranate seeds with the zesty burst of freshly squeezed oranges, creating a symphony of flavors. Crafted to perfection, this margarita is a refreshing twist on the…

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