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Cocktail Hour

By Karen Shayne

Welcome to “Cocktail Hour”! This column is all about drinks, the kind that make you smile. We’re here to share the secrets of making great cocktails, from the classics to the cool new ones. Want to know how to make your favorite drinks or hear the stories behind them? You’re in the right place. So, let’s get ready to have fun with drinks and discover some awesome new sips together! Cheers! 🍹🍸🥂

Cocktail Hour: Elderflower Gin Martini

Experience a delightful twist on the classic martini with our Elderflower Gin Martini. This exquisite cocktail harmonizes the botanical notes of premium gin with the delicate sweetness of elderflower liqueur, creating a refreshing and sophisticated drink. Perfectly balanced and elegantly garnished, it’s an ideal choice for those looking to elevate their cocktail experience. Whether you’re…

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Cocktail Hour: The Firecracker

It’s the 4th of July and it’s time to Ignite your taste buds with the Firecracker Cocktail, a dazzling blend that promises to light up any occasion. This vibrant drink combines the perfect mix of refreshing citrus flavors, a hint of spicy kick, and a touch of sweetness, making it a standout choice for summer…

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Lavender Coconut Margarita

This exquisite concoction marries the tropical taste of coconut with the delicate floral notes of dried lavender. There was a cool nip in the spring air when we made this drink, but trust me, we were transported to the most fabulous warm oasis with one whiff of this delicious delight. Just imagine sipping on this…

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Cocktail Hour: Smoked Peach Margarita

With Cinco de Mayo right around the corner, let’s Indulge a little in the tantalizing blend of sweet and smoky flavors with the Smoked Peach Margarita, a signature concoction crafted by the mixologists at the Norwegian Viva. (More on that later in the month by Karen.) This sophisticated libation offers a delightful twist on the…

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