In this special edition of “Cooking with Grammy,”, we embark on another sweet baking session with Grammy and Caroline. Together, they are on a mission to create a one-of-a-kind strawberry cake, infused with love and devotion, for Caroline’s mommy, Vilmarie, in celebration of Mother’s Day. 

Join us as we witness the magic unfold in the heart of their home, where every ingredient tells a story and every moment is a testament to the enduring bond between family and the joy of sharing homemade treasures with those we hold dear.

Happy Mother’s Day, everyone!  May you tell a Mom she’s loved. 

Strawberry Cake for Mom


Any Strawberry Boxed Cake – follow the recipe; put in one 9in square pan and one 9in round pan. Cook as instructed on the box.

For the icing: (This is double recipe)

4 C Powdered sugar
2 stick of butter at room temperature
3 teaspoons of vanilla
4 tablespoons of milk (you may need more for consistency)

Mix your powdered sugar and butter until combined. Add wet ingredients and beat with mixer until desired consistency. Toppings: Fresh strawberries sliced or quartered (however you prefer) Sprinkles, if desired.