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Authentically Yours Column title Slide - Photo of Cindy Small

Cooking With Grammy

By Sandy Williams

In the world of family traditions, there’s something incredibly precious that gets passed down through generations. For Sandy and her adorable two-year-old granddaughter, Caroline, this tradition begins in the heart of their home—the kitchen. Together, they blend timeless wisdom with the fresh enthusiasm of youth, creating a unique and heartwarming bond as they cook up a storm – and make treasured messes. But their kitchen escapades are about much more than just food; they’re a gateway to cherished family stories, laughter, and the kind of love that only a grandma and her granddaughter can share. 

In this featured column, we’ll step into their world, where the magic of cooking serves as a bridge connecting generations and creating lasting memories.  For Sandy and Caroline, it’s about family, heritage, and the enchanting and magical connection between a grandmother and her granddaughter, all through the joy of cooking.