Ok, I must admit, I’m not the world’s most consistent blogger. Yet sometimes, something comes along that makes me sit down and write. Something so important that I would take time away from my family and my business and put myself out in a public forum to show the world my writing skills, or lack thereof.

This is one of those occasions, when I just needed to get a message out there. It’s about a movie, one you must see, and see it as soon as possible.

Decoding Annie Parker, tells the story of Annie Parker, a three-time cancer survivor, and Dr. Marie-Claire King (played by Oscar-winning actress Helen Hunt), and the latter’s discovery of the BRCA1 and BRCA2 genetic mutations. These mutations predetermine an increased risk for breast cancer, as well as other types of cancer.

Why is one simple movie so important? Here goes (in my order of priority of course!):

  1. Hollywood rarely, if ever, tells the story of female scientists. Actually, I take that back, the world rarely tells the story of female scientists.
  2. Hollywood doesn’t make enough movies with women in starring roles, playing real-life female role models.
  3. Hollywood tends to rate the success of movies based on their opening weekend. The more money a movie takes in that first weekend, the longer they tend to stay in the theatre and the more money they make overall.
  4. Annie Parker’s story needed to be told. Dr. King’s discovery likely saved my life, the lives of several of my family members, and has impacted the lives of countless women around the globe.
  5. Helen Hunt stars as Dr. Marie-Claire King. Oscar winner, four Emmy awards, four Golden Globes, two Screen Actors Guild awards. Enough said.
  6. Both Ms. Hunt and Dr. King are badass pioneers, well worthy of your time and money.
  7. Dr. King is actually a very nice, soft-spoken, fiercely intelligent person whom I’ve had the chance to meet on several occasions. As a BRCA1+ previvor, I consider her one of my personal heroes.

Exactly who is Annie Parker and what do the studios want us to know about this movie?

“Based on true events, Decoding Annie Parker tells the life affirming story of two remarkable women; the irrepressible Annie Parker, a three time cancer survivor and the geneticist Mary-Claire King whose discovery of the breast cancer BRCA gene mutation is considered one of the most important discoveries of the 20th century.”

So take your husband, your partner, your boyfriend, your girlfriends, your daughters and sons, and see this movie. Find a theatre, even if you have to drive to do it.

Fork over your hard-earned $14.50, see Decoding Annie Parker and tell Hollywood and the world:

  1. Female scientists matter.
  2. Movies about women matter.
  3. Movies starring women can be financially successful.
  4. Research to end cancer and saves lives needs to be funded.
  5. You want to see Helen Hunt in more movies.
  6. Dr. Marie-Claire King rocks!


And here’s really big news: the Women Survivors Alliance is proud to announce the exclusive Nashville showing of Decoding Annie Parker, July 30, 2014, the night before the 2014 National Women’s Survivor Convention begins! Annie Parker herself will join us, along with the movie’s director, Stephan Bernstein. Read more about details and how to get tickets HERE!