I Bet You Are a Good People Manager.  The Question is:  Do You Want to be a Great People Manager?


Day-to-day, most of us are good managers of people. We have our one-on-ones, remove barriers, and try to clarify the frequently mixed messages our employees receive from others.


But what separates good managers from great managers? How do you ensure you are bringing your best to your people and getting the best out of your people?


The articles below offer practical tips you can use now. Check them out and then consider making one small change that can improve your work performance (and possibly your work enjoyment)!


You are busy. So, let’s get to it. Find great info below that you can begin using right now…


  1. Want to Be a Better Manager? Then “Know Thy Self”

Do you prefer to work with people or data? Do you like to coach or dictate? Do you like to work alone or collaborate? To be a successful manager of both your team and your career, you must know know your strengths and areas of growth – and how each of them can drive or constrict you.


These Harvard Business Review authors offer this advice: “If we don’t know our preferences when we encounter them, we’re far less likely to make the best choices. Going with your gut isn’t always the best way to be a boss.” READ IT NOW.


  1. Practical Tips for Pragmatic Leaders: How to Manage Managers

If you move up high enough in an organization, you will end up managing managers. And, this can be a tricky place for a leader since you need to balance offering clear direction and vision while also giving them the space they need to manage their own people and projects. This article offers several best practices you can begin using right now to support and motivate your managers. READ IT NOW.


  1. How to Prioritize Your Work When Your Manager Will Not

To be a strong leader, you need to know where your company and boss are headed. Yet, that can be challenging because most companies and bosses are notoriously poor at being clear about exactly where they want to go and how they plan to get there. This article helps you successfully navigate the lack of clarity that surrounds so many of us. READ IT NOW.


BONUS: In Honor of Women Who Hold Too Much. OH MY! THIS article is worth your time. Really worth it. It is a great, funny, passionate read about the challenge that so many women face: we are charged with holding EVERYTHING – emotionally, physically, metaphysically. And all that holding can be exhausting. The author invites us to put some of it down. It is an invitation I invite you to consider.



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