Your dining table should be the crown jewel of your autumn decor. Make it a stylish place to gather by creating a festive fall table decoration. This simple, fall idea can help you find creative ways you can bring autumn’s beauty to your dining table or other areas in your home, all while looking no further than your backyard.  Only five items needed and you are all set!


Items needed:

Wooden block
Glue gun
Autumn paint with colors of choice
Nature treasures from your backyard.




Step 1:  Find small, unfinished, wooden blocks.  As many as you want will do, but three is certainly optimal. These can be found at a local craft store or sometimes your own garage storage.


Step 2:  Sand your blocks with fine to medium sandpaper.


Step 3:  Pick your color pleasure.  (Here is where you can get creative).  While orange is the staple pumpkin color, don’t be afraid to branch out to some natural tones like gray or light brown.  Most anything will do.


Step 4:  Gently paint the block until your color choice is desired.  Let dry.


Step 5:  While the paint dries, get creative with things around the house and in your backyard or woods.  Sticks, branches, berries, acorns, moss.  Make it a family project to find some treasures from nature.



Step 6:  Using the glue gun, glue your stem (stick/broken branch) on to your painted block.


Step 7: After it dries completely,  craft a small bow (or you can simply twist the ribbon to your liking) and glue it in and/or around the stick.  Again, get creative with different bows and styles.




Step 8:  After your bow and stem is completely dry, glue all you little nature treasures onto the top. Let dry.






Finally, you’re done!  Holiday décor mission a success!  Place on your table and surround with other décor of your choosing.


Happy Fall, Y’all from Unconditionally Her!




Special thanks to the fabulous Denise Sissom of Clinton, Tennessee, for her wonderful ideas of fall.