EXHALING. That is what I have been doing for the past several weeks. I decided I needed a break as life was feeling heavy, so I took the opportunity to step away & go on leave from my job for six weeks to reclaim my WHOLE SELF – heal, relax, reflect, restore, & reset.


These past few days have been the culmination as, for the first time ever, I went on a mini vacay with just myself. Without the hubby & kiddoes. Just me and my road dog, Fletcher. Not because I wanted to get away from them but because I needed to just sit and be with ME. In doing so, I offer this to you:


BE HONEST WITH YOURSELF – OVER-ANYTHING can be unhealthy. Being OVERwhelmed, OVERstressed, OVERtired, OVERworked. These can manifest in so many ways that are not good for your body, spirit, and soul. If this is you and you find that you cannot keep up, you may need to do something differently. Often, everything hits all at once and when the OVER-EVERYTHING sets in, it is too late!


SEEK GOD – One may argue this should be first as we should constantly seek God, but the come to Jesus moment (no pun intended!) with self is paramount. Seek Him in prayer and meditation and then listen to those whispers telling you to rest or stop or do something differently. Talk to Him and ask Him for guidance and direction and wisdom on how to proceed next. He will never leave you nor forsake you! The question is will you listen?


BE PROACTIVE – If you are feeling off in any way, take the steps to determine what you need to do to feel better – DO NOT WAIT or find yourself in denial or think things will change or go away without action. In addition to my leave, I also started talking to a therapist and it has been the best thing ever! She has provided such a refreshing perspective on how I should view myself and how I must first be in a good relationship with ME to be of service and support to others.


LEAN ON YOUR CIRCLE – Know that those who love you want to see you well. They will support you in whatever way you may need! Do not be afraid to talk and share and be real with yourself and others. Transparency and vulnerability are powerful and empowering! You never know how sharing your story may help or encourage or bless another.


I am so blessed to be able to experience these last several weeks in this way. My husband has been so caring and understanding and supportive and that has meant everything! The few who have known of my leave have also been so supportive and encouraging. I am thankful for the cards and gifts and check ins!


Most of all I am “happy at me” as I used to say as a small child, for realizing that it is not a sign of weakness to prioritize my needs. Self-love is important and should a be priority always. I encourage you to make sure you prioritize yourself and do whatever is necessary to establish peace and purpose in every aspect of your life. You are worthy!


DISCLAIMER – I am not done. This process is a journey and not a destination so it should never end! I will repeat and revisit as often as needed. And so should you.


Be Blessed. Be Well. Be Good to Yourself. Always.