Sex, mammograms, and an oh-so cleansing enema, all brought forth for reading enlightenment, and mind-body awareness from a journey of a twenty-seven year-old breast cancer survivor is at the core of Mitra Mostofi’s novel, “This Was No Coincidence.”

A self-help memoir, “This Was No Coincidence” opens up the world of a young, strong willed, confident woman looking for love outside of herself. It is in her timeless journey the reader finds one’s ability to heal is often rooted within their own self transcendence.

Cancer and Trauma
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“This book isn’t merely a memoir of my struggle with breast cancer,” says Mostofi. “It is a book empowering self-awareness. It isn’t merely for an audience that has experienced cancer, it also connects with anyone that is open to understanding the truth behind our action. In current times of abundant resources, there is a scarcity of human connection of wisdom. Through self-awareness we can improve ourselves in rebuilding more truthful connections.”

Cancer was a life-altering event for me, but it wasn’t my only opportunity to wake up. You don’t have to have cancer to understand this book. Simply substitute any event in your life that has affected you tremendously for the word cancer and you’ll see how unique yet parallel my journey is to the journey that takes place in our “beautiful minds” when we encounter challenges. If you’ve ever watched the movie A Beautiful Mind, you can see how John Nash’s life became more manageable when he accepted the truth of his situation.

I have known a great many troubles, but most of them never happened.

     – Mark Twain

What I have written in this book expresses my success in getting through emotional upheavals in my life. “The More to Life” teachings gave me a foundation to begin my self-awareness journey. I like to believe that “More to Life” would render the same effect for everyone, but my honest opinion is that it benefits only those who are ready for a deep awakening of their true self. Many get the impression that teachings of self-awareness are cult-like and intimidating. Not all the methods might work for you, but to be resistant to any form of self-awareness is concerning. I was that person for many years – frightened to discover myself. Trapped by my ego, I came up with excuses that self-awareness courses, books, and therapy cost too much and that I didn’t have the time. All of my resistance to change cost me more than my time, it ultimately cost me my health.

I’ve learned to be more open to different philosophies. The less resistant I am to learning, the more open I become to life’s awakenings. It is a lot like the fears I dealt with upon entering college. I feared not being accepted to a school and I feared the constant possibility of academic failure. I applied, I got accepted, and took school a semester at a time. I didn’t use all that was taught to me in my classes, but upon completion I felt more competent that I now had the knowledge that I might just use one day.

This book will expose my nude, heartfelt thoughts.   I am willing to put myself out there, confident that it will inspire at least one person to begin living truthfully. My intention for sharing the occurrences from my journey is to give real-life examples. They might seem unique events that happened only to me, but I want the reader to focus on the life shock, the mind talk, and the cost. Let this focus help you to understand how much of our dramas we can eliminate and how beautifully we can coexist in this world without them.

I will reference the sources that helped me get through it all. Feel free to learn how I take what I’m given, use my creativity and be proud of the results. Stuff happens. Learn to take the stuff and plant the flowers that can bloom from it!

“They” are not the enemy. The liar within us who created “them” is.

– K. Bradford Brown