Wendy Ann Payne CSA, CEP® Wealth Management Advisor and Founding Partner of Centurion Wealth Management, LLC

Today, unlike previous generations, there is an extensive array of financial information that steadily flows from the news media and the Internet.  Almost instantaneously, you can review your own finances, ascertain your progress, and make necessary adjustments.  However, do all these signs of progress really make managing your finances any easier?  The fact remains that regular reviews of your entire financial landscape will help put you on a long-term track for success.

For many of us, the New Year is a time for personal reflection, a time to consider commitments and resolutions for the coming year.  This year, why not add “improve my financial situation” to your existing list of New Year’s resolutions?  With proper planning and appropriate guidance, you can begin to build/ improve your financial stability and prepare for the uncertainties of tomorrow.

Here’s a brief description of the most common steps toward achieving your financial goals:

These steps will help you focus on your entire financial picture.  Remember, financial review and planning is an ongoing process.  During subsequent reviews, you may need to make alterations due to changing goals and circumstances.  However, if you faithfully keep track of your progress, you may be better able to afford your future lifestyle and finance your dreams.

The New Year offers us a fresh beginning.  This year, resolve to make your finances a priority.  With proper planning and appropriate guidance, you can begin to work toward financial independence and prepare for life’s uncertainties.



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