I know I cannot be the only one trying to find some beauty in what seems like a news cycle of nothing but troubling news these days.   Thank heavens for spring!  While fall still is my favorite season (sorry, spring), spring surely is right behind as a close second.   I do not have a green thumb at all, but I do love me some flowers.   For the past couple of years, I have made weekly flower-buying part of my grocery visit starting early spring and on throughout the summer. It has proven to be a great pick-me up with a pretty inexpensive price tag especially with my grocery store app!


While the weekly flowers are awesome, so are the amazing cherry trees in my yard that are filled with gorgeous blossoms every spring for a couple of weeks until all of the blossoms fall onto the sidewalks and driveway like pink “snow”  blanketing the ground.   Like my grocery store weekly mixed bouquets, these trees require little to no maintenance for someone like me with no green thumb whatsoever, yet provide beauty that, at times, is just that pick-me-up that  so many of us desperately need right now.


In our nation’s capital the infamous cherry blossom blooms reached their peak on April 4th. I remember seeing them on one of the few trips I have made to Washington, D.C. and they were spectacular.  I was thrilled to learn that Google Earth is offering a virtual tour of cherry blossom trees from around the world.   During this time of social distancing, what better way to see these gorgeous blooms while never leaving the sofa?  The “tour” starts in Tokyo, Japan and features over 800 trees at one location followed by another stop with a 1,000-year old weeping cherry in Miharu, Japan.  The adventure continues across to globe to Paris, Sweden, Spain, British Columbia, and our own Washington, D.C.


Grab a snack, your favorite beverage, and be prepared to be amazed with beauty. Wonder if they will add my trees to next year’s tour?   I guess we will see!


Enjoy  your Google Earth “Cherry Blossoms around the World” tour!


Feature image is from from Pexels, courtesy of Bagus Pangestu.