It’s THAT time.  Time to put away the school supplies, lunch boxes, and spring sweaters.  It’s time for that laid-back time of the year called SUMMER!  Pools, oceans, lakes, and beaches. Frosty beverages and frozen treats.  Road trips and trips across the ocean.  It’s here!

Did you know that June is National Cancer Survivor Month? Going back to our roots, Women Survivors Alliance, the parent organization of Unconditionally Her, was founded on women cancer survivors as a means of making a difference in the lives of women across the world – and their families, friends, and networks of important people who are indeed co-survivors – by empowering, educating, and inspiring.  Unconditionally Her is still all about survivorship and making the most of the days we have on this planet, though our definition of “survivorship” has expanded beyond cancer.  How many challenges does life throw at us that we ALL must survive? Survivorship comes in many flavors, just like all of those treats you see in the ice cream aisle.   So many of us are survivors of some of the most challenges circumstances you can imagine. And you’ll hear some of those stories through our Untold features.  If you’re not familiar with Untold, you must take a peek here: Untold :  A Global Storytelling Project .  Stories of courage, inspiration, and triumph from individuals who have been through life-changing events – not all cancer, but all life-changing, and that have created SURVIVORS.    Kudos to those who are ready to share their experiences sure to inspire those of us out there who have our own struggles and challenges.

And if you are curious about National Cancer Survivor’s Day, I’ll tell you about that, too. According to the National Cancer Survivors Day Foundation, administrator for the celebration, “National Cancer Survivors Day® is an annual worldwide Celebration of Life that is held on the first Sunday every June. It is the one day each year that people around the world come together to recognize the cancer survivors in their community, to raise awareness of the challenges these survivors face, and, most importantly, to celebrate life.” According to the Foundation, “A ‘survivor’ is anyone living with a history of cancer – from the moment of diagnosis through the remainder of life.”

We all know someone who has been touched by cancer. The National Cancer Survivors Day Foundation encourages everyone to participate in their community’s events and activities. If you aren’t sure what is going on in your area, ask your local cancer treatment center, hospital, or American Cancer Society office. You can host an event of your own using the resources available through the National Cancer Survivors Day® website,

Also look for some fun this month in our featured stories, including some cool and tasty summer recipes.  After all, isn’t that what summer is all about – fun?   ENJOY the long, lazy days ahead and celebrate SURVIVORSHIP. Whatever flavor that might be.

 Be Focused, Be Inspired – It’s a New Day!



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