It’s August! That time of the year where it still is very much summer, but also a time of transition with “fall” semester starting for students across the world despite it feeling nothing like fall outside.   One of those bittersweet months where one still relishes flip flops, a glass of iced tea, and lounging poolside, but one also has that list of school supplies posted on the ‘fridge or early thoughts of Labor Day plans and an official changing-of-the-mindset that comes from transitioning from summer to the next season.


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We have some great articles for readers this month that are just right for August.   Recipes.  A book review.  Everything you wanted to know about proper use of backpacks (yes, there are guidelines for this to promote better health and an injury-free student).  An inspirational Untold feature. We even have a canine recipe for our favorite furry friends. And more!  August may be a time for the leisurely pace of summer to start winding down for some, but we are still busy at Unconditionally Her with plenty of great features to make this month an “A+” month for all.


Speaking of the letter “A”, August is an “A” word which always makes me think of the “three A’s”. I frequently share little tidbits of advice with my children each August as they start a new chapter each school year, though it usually has to be delivered in a somewhat sneaky way now that they are teenagers since they are past the point of wanting to hear their mother’s pearls of wisdom on life matters as they seek to find their own direction (I secretly hope some of it is still sinking in ?) . The “three A’s” are words of wisdom that we all can live by, not just kids going back to school.  Whether it’s in our personal lives, in business, or really in any capacity, our words and attitude are very powerful and set the stage for our interactions with others.    To see what kind of impact our attitude and words can make on others, give it a try. “Appreciate,” “Acknowledge,” and “Ask.”  See what happens.   Letting people know you appreciate them through thought or small gesture.  Acknowledging them as someone special or unique and just acknowledging their presence sometimes is enough. And asking what you can do for them or even just how they are. It’s is powerful.    It doesn’t take long and can be just a short exchange of words, but enough to make someone’s day. Be that person that takes an extra minute that might just make someone’s day – or their week. Maybe even their entire month. We never know what people are going through at any given time and your words and attitude might just make a difference. Are you willing to give the “three A’s” a try this month of August?


Join us as we embark on the wonderful month of AUGUST!  We hope you enjoy this month’s features as much as we enjoyed preparing them for you. Happy August!



 Be Focused, Be Inspired – It’s a New Day!



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