September is here! How was your August? Did it go by quickly? Mine did, as it always seems to do.   While October is really my favorite month, September means it isn’t far behind. Labor Day will put the taste of summer behind us, and it is full speed ahead into a month of transition as we wait for fall.  September is home to several observances this month including Childhood Obesity, Childhood Cancer, and Ovarian Cancer.  We’ll share something about each of these to keep you informed. Unconditionally Her’s Karen Shayne will educate readers on dealing with Celiac. All very important topics to health and well-being and readers will be in-the-know after reading this month’s many health-focused articles.

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As always, we will have two inspirational Untold features this month, a special feature story (we will SURPRISE YOU and won’t spill the beans here), and a special tribute to September 11.  We will have plenty of recipes, great resources for healthy cooking, meals and snacks, meal-time activities and more through the USDA’s MyPlate – that’s United States Department of Agriculture if anyone doesn’t know what those letters stand for – and MyPlate is a wonderful resource. They will likely start posting fall recipes very soon.  We also have a great DIY project from Survivor Designer Laura Mac – a canopy! Stay tuned for that one, as you’ll want to see what Ms. Laura has in store.


Join us for the journey into September.   We hope you enjoy this month’s features and please let us know what you would like to see in future publications.


 Be Focused, Be Inspired – It’s a New Day!



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