Dear Friends,

For the last few days, our eyes have been glued to media coverage of Hurricane Harvey’s devastating aftermath. We’ve held our breaths watching live rescues, praying for reuniting of families and mourning the loss of those caught in the path of the storm.

While there are no words to describe the emotion when such an event occurs, witnessing the outpouring of unconditional love and support has given our country new energy, erased any divided lines, and filled our hearts with much-needed love. The spirit of brotherhood in Houston and across the entire state of Texas is inspiring us all.  Just yesterday, I saw a beautiful video of a mile-long line of trailered boats entering Houston for search and rescue efforts. So many brave volunteers from across the state and region are willing to risk their own lives to help others in peril. The emotion is overwhelming.

I’ve had the privilege of visiting this wonderful state several times. The spirit of Texas is a wonderful portrait where reality is met by resiliency and mixed with an abundance of grace. The coming weeks will truly challenge our Lone Star friends. This is a heartfelt ask from all of us at the Women Survivors Alliance to lift up a prayer for all the families who have experienced loss, as well for the safety of those involved in the recovery efforts. It is with a survivor spirit that I encourage everyone – survivors, co-survivors, friends, and family to join our hearts together in conquering Texas’ heartbreak by giving glorious hope as they begin their journey of recovery and restoration.

Below are several ways to contribute to the healing. If you know of another great way to aid this effort, please share with us on FB and we will pass it on to everyone.

Prayers up for Texas. You are in our hearts.  #TexasStrong

Survivor Strong,
Karen Shayne, Founder
Women Survivors Alliance


Red Cross – Text HARVEY to 90999 to make a $10 donation
The Salvation Army 
Camping World – $2M Matching funds with Red Cross
Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund administered by the Mayor of Houston
United Way of Greater Houston
Heart to Heart International

Food/Clean Water Assistance
Houston Food Bank
Second Harvest Food Bank Middle Tennessee/Feeding America – For those in the Nashville area who wish to volunteer at home, you can email to help assemble disaster relief boxes.

Texas Diaper Bank – taking cash and diaper donations to assist displaced families

Houston SPCA
Houston Humane Society

Survivor Care
Ovarcome Foundation – Our WSA Houston Survivor Sister/Partners – Ovarcome needs your help to assist in covering parking and meals for all ovarian cancer survivors with treatments scheduled in Houston from September 1 – September 15.