A recent 10-day stay in the hospital reminded me of the importance of revitalizing your lair now and again.  Funny, ‘lair’ is first defined as “a wild animal’s resting place” in the dictionary.  Roarrrrrrr!  Okay, meow!  Thank God it wasn’t cancer-related this time.  When I returned home on the 4th of July after surgery for scar tissue adhesions to my intestines, I wanted to hide out in the bed for a few days.  I just couldn’t get comfortable on the couch in a sitting, lying, or leaning position.

So I did just that.  I set up camp in my bedroom with my phone, laptop, the TV remote, water, and 2 Jack Russells, all within my worn-out, snagged, and practically cardboard sheets.  I was already keeping an eye out for deals on new sheets before I went into the hospital, so I continued the search on my laptop.  I flipped back and forth between Amazon and Bed, Bath, and Beyond until I realized I had about ten of the 20% off coupons from BB&B in my car.  I promised myself as soon as I had the energy to get out of the house for groceries, I would use the same trip for BB&B where I could grope the sheet samples in person.

It took a good four days of lying around eating cereal before I wanted to drive anywhere or see humans.  My husband was out of town for work, so I had a lot of quality discussions with my dogs.  Finally, the day arrived so I gave myself the ‘all clear’ and ventured out at my own pace.  I dove into the bedding department at BB&B and spent nearly an hour narrowing it down to two faves:  Pure Beech 100% Modal Sateen Sheet Set or Pure Beech Jersey Knit Sheet Set.  Both were similar in price and wrinkle-free with a rainbow of color choices.  The Sateen set is very close to the feel of satin, super soft and breathable. The Jersey Knit set has the feel of your favorite old t-shirt, but tends to be too stretchy when trying to make your bed.

I’ve had both sets before in other colors so it was a tough decision.  The old standard used to be “the higher the thread count, the better the quality,” which put the 400 thread count right up the middle. You don’t hear of anyone wearing 400 thread count clothing, but your sheets are your cradle.  My faves actually felt softer than the highest thread count available and pricing was about the same. Modal is described as sumptuous cotton which I call a bajillion thread count.  So decision made, I went with the Sateen set this time as I already considered this purchase a 20% off investment in my recovery. This is not a plug for Bed, Bath & Beyond however.  You can find close knock-off versions at Walmart, but keep in mind the limited variety, lesser quality, and fewer color selections.

The trip was two-fold (pun intended).  When recovering, we need a good reason to get back on the horse and return to society.  New sheets – yes please!  Smiling human cashiers – bonus.  Spend the money and invest in yourself and your comfort.  You won’t regret it. Once again, you just witnessed my equation in action:  Inspiration + motivation = gratification.  The desire for new sheets was my inspiration, the 20% off coupon my motivation, and the continual comfort of my new sheets my gratification.  Now if I can just nail down how to fold a king sized fitted sheet and look good doing it.  Stay tuned!