Autumn is upon us.  The time to reap what has been sown.  The time to reclaim what has been planted.  Often, in the crazy that life sometimes brings, it is difficult to take a moment to truly appreciate all that has been planted and sown to truly reap the fruits of one’s labor.  Enter my passion project entitled Project She and The SheTreat.  The SheTreat is a place, space and experience for and by women where she can step away from the everyday grind to enjoy an uplifting, encouraging and positive experience to Reflect, Refocus and Renew herself towards becoming a better woman, first for herself, and then her family and her community.

This year’s SheTreat Experience theme was to Reclaim your Self, Life and Future and I am still basking in afterglow!  The day began with all the ladies in attendance proclaiming the many wonderful qualities that we all encompass – we are fierce, exquisite, multi-faceted, determined, phenomenal, passionate and talented, aren’t we?  Aren’t you?  Yes, YOU.  Admit it.  Embrace it. Declare it.  It’s okay to celebrate self every once in a while!

We then began to walk through the cornerstones by which The SheTreat is designed.  To Reflect, Refocus and Renew oneself towards our unique purpose.  Monica Dennis, RN, MS, CNE, Founder of bZenfull, both demonstrated and spoke to us about how we should embrace meditation to focus and concentration on our goals.  If but for a few minutes a day, we should take a few moments for ourselves to just be alone with ourselves.  We spend most of our day giving and doing and working for others and so we owe it to ourselves to also take time for self.  She also challenged us to be comfortable in our own skin.  To feel sexy, to feel empowered and to be uniquely ourselves.

After a time of Reflection, it was time to Refocus.  Me’chelle Degree McKinney, founder of 3rd Degree Solutions, shared how to “Get Your H.O.U.S.E. In Order” just as her book of the same name outlines.  Without giving away the message behind what “HOUSE” stand for, she provided the perfect blueprint on how we can attain order in our lives and Refocus towards our divine purpose.

We ended the morning session with a moving and powerful testimony by none other than the founder of the Women Survivors Alliance, Unconditionally Her and the New Focus Network, Karen Shayne.  She shared her journey through cancer, and show how she was able to Renew herself towards her purpose of advocating for cancer survivors.  One of the many nuggets she shared was that purpose doesn’t come without pain, yet, it can be turned into something positive and meaningful, which is how she has chosen to live and dedicate her life.

The cornerstones of The SheTreat were beautifully and demonstratively interpreted through our morning speakers and it was time to hear the Keynote Address.  Egypt Sherrod, of HGTV’s Property Virgins and now Flipping Virgins, who is also a Results Coach, Author and Home Space Expert, shared many life’s lessons that she learned from a personal perspective to which she referred to as “Behind the Glory”.  We took away so many powerful pieces of inspiration and encouragement from her journey.  Here are just a few:

I can share so more, but was so happy to hear that Egypt will be sharing much more of her life story in an upcoming book so stay tuned.  We were all so grateful to have been amongst the first to hear them at The SheTreat!

The day was not over as we next heard from Frankie Sanchez of Talk Health with Frankie, LLC, who was our Health and Wellness Spotlight Speaker.  Above all things, she implored us to “lead with love.”  To be compassionate.  To be empathetic.  To be loving in all things.   She then led us in a fun, energy filled mini session of Zumba, reminding us that working out can be fun and healthy at the same time.

The day closed with our Special Guest Speaker who was also the 2016 Keynote, Dr. Shirley Davis, also known as The Success Doctor!  I warned the audience that they were about to be taken by storm and indeed, she didn’t disappoint.  She is a firecracker full of experience and wisdom and applied knowledge.  She used her book “Reinvent Yourself” as a basis for discussion and helped us to realize that “not everyone can handle your dream.”

All I can say is WOW.  I am in awe of the day that was The SheTreat, 2017.  Each speaker came from a place of honesty and truth and unique perspective, yet there was a resounding theme that echoed through the day of purpose and empowerment and reclamation.   Many seeds were sown that day and it is my hope that those in attendance will reap a bountiful and plentiful harvest in the days, months and seasons of life ahead.  I encourage each of you to take a moment to Reflect, Refocus, Renew and RECLAIM yourselves as well!  Remember that this  journey is continuous; it never ends. We are all learning, growing, and evolving and I stand with you.  We are all a work in progress and so embrace the change, sow good seeds and reap the benefits of your harvest.

To find our more about Project She and The SheTreat, visit www.projectshe.com.