An incredible story with a twist of an ending and one that will leave you hanging on every word. An UNTOLD story from Lorna Dancey’s SCARS Project.

He had been stalking her for a while, watching every move she made.   He was so quiet and not once did she hear him until he startled her by running towards her and stopping just a few meters behind her.  He crouched down low and squared off, he wanted her, and he made his intentions very clear.

He moved slowly towards her.  With her heart beating so fast, she tried to remain calm.  Seconds later the bear suddenly stood up, he came crashing down and charged at her.  She moved to brace herself against a tree but he got to her and she went flying back.  She landed hard on the ground and at that moment, it became clear, she would be fighting for her life.

She was kicking and screaming with all her might.   The bear bit her thigh and arm and shook her like she was a rag doll. The pain was excruciating and nothing like she had ever felt before.  Her blood was everywhere, but she still fought him and tried to get away.  This was a nightmare and no amount of training had prepared her for what was she was going through.

Suddenly the bear dropped her arm because he heard something.  She used this moment to turn herself over and put her hands on her head.   The bear now even more aggravated, grabbed her by the shoulder and shook her violently.

He started to drag her away, her head smashing into a tree.  She screamed for help but the bear put his paw on the back of her head, pushing her face down into the dirt.  She could feel his hot breath on her neck as he sat on her back claiming his prize.

She kept telling herself to hold on, she wasn’t going to die this way, she knew he was tired and if she could hold on a little while longer, she knew she could survive…

Photo and story by UNTOLD Contributor, Lorna Dancey.