Welcome to Unconditionally Her and the month of April, a fantastic month indeed!  With winter behind us, it’s time to move forward into the beautiful spring that awaits.


Being healthy and well is important to all of us, and being a public health professional, April is always a time to recognize public health with National Public Health Week.   National Public Health Week is always held during the first week of April. If you aren’t familiar with what  public health is all about, take a look at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s website which explains more about what it is and the people who strive to protect and improve the  lives of communities and the individuals within. Take a moment during that first week of April to thank a public health worker in YOUR community. Most of them don’t hear “thank you” enough!


April 7th is World Health Day, another health observance during the month of April.  Sponsored by the World Health Organization, also known as “the WHO,” World Health Day is an opportunity to reflect on how we can build a fairer and healthier world — one where all people are able to live healthy lives and access quality health services.  Last but not least, since we are talking health, as part of our nine-part A Time to Bloom coaching series, we have a great article this month about mind-body connection – what it is, why it’s important to our health and wellness, and strategies for making improvements in this area.


There is plenty in store as we launch into spring this month with some fabulous recipes including Easter Morning Blueberry Scones and our Sip of the Month featuring Champagne and Rose Petals.  We’ll talk faith, gardening, travel, and more.   April is a month you won’t want to miss!  Follow us on social media for special posts and announcements throughout the month as well.


 I’ll close by sharing my favorite spring quote from Lady Bird Johnson as I do every spring.   Enjoy the month ahead and the beauty of spring!




 Be Encouraged, Be Empowered, Be Inspired – Be Unconditionally YOU!