We did it! We made it past January.  A whole month away from that oh-so-memorable year that was 2020.  While no one expected life to change with the flip of a calendar to a new year, we are still inching further and further away from 2020 and it feels good.  Vaccines are here and spring will be here soon.  And plenty of other “good” if only we find the eyes to see it – and BE it.  As we approach February, the month of love, take heart (pun intended) and think about giving out a little more love, in whatever form that may be.  Seek to BE the good and it will be returned.  Just a little love goes a long way and will move us all towards a better time and place in this world. It surely makes ME feel better and fills me with HOPE, which I shared last month is my focus word for the year.


I love to decorate.  For those who have been reading this magazine for a while, you know that I decorate for every holiday and occasion. I already have my hearts out for the “month of love” and could not be happier surrounded by all the hearts and pink and red baubles.  Look for the love and the good every day. It’s there! And BE the love and the good. It will come back to you!


This month, Unconditionally Her will be featuring a spectacular collection of “love stories” – some romantic, some that tug at the heart, and some the celebrate nuggets of love in life’s ordinary moments.  We will also celebrate Black History Month with some amazing and beautiful quotes/posts throughout the month.   Plenty more recipes, our featured “sip of the month” and many other special features including more Untold stories of inspiration, perseverance, hope, and yes, sometimes even LOVE.  This month BE the love – and look for the love every day! It’s there.


Be Encouraged, Be Empowered, Be Inspired – Be Unconditionally YOU!



“Life is very simple. What I give out comes back to me. Today, I choose to give love.” Louise Hay, Author