As the new year awaits, your final holiday party deserves the perfect cheese board pairing.  Remember, the only rule of cheese pairing is that there are no rules. Let your imagination be your best guide.  From figs to apples to raspberries, any fruit can enhance the sharp or smooth taste of cheeses.  The best part of creating a cheese board?  Well, it’s typically only one section of the grocery store you have visit.



The most important in creating the different cheese boards is your “flavor bridge”.   Flavor bridges are ingredients you can use to create a stronger connection between cheese and your food or drink of choice or meats.  Perfect flavor bridges can be as simple as a bit of honey or a unique jam/jelly.


Placement is also important.  Make sure your crackers stay crunchy by placing them away from the soft cheeses.  Make sure you have hard cheeses as well as soft to maximize flavor. Most experts recommend starting with no more than 3-5 cheeses. This way you can keep your jam/jellies/fruit pairings focused.



No matter how you slice it, a cheese board is an easy (and impressive) addition to your New Years Eve party!


Happy New Year to you all!