The most delightful tasting combination for this April’s Sip of the Month was discovered in Calgary, Alberta, at the She Starts Now event on April 22nd.  This delightful welcome to spring with honey soaked editable roses and Prosesso can be used for a fancy event, a special family dinner or celebrating day with that special someone.


The most important thing you must do is learn how to make rose infused honey:





  1. Clean the rose petals of calyx and any leaves – you only want the petals. Compost the remaining calyx pieces.
  2. Remove any insects or weevils from your petals.
  3. Put the petals into the Mason jar.
  4. Push the petals down into the jar and add more until the jar is at least 3/4th’s full of firmly packed petals.
  5. Pour warmed honey over the rose petals in the jar.
  6. Stir well with chopsticks or a butter knife to remove any air pockets.
  7. Cap tightly. After several hours the rose petals will rise to the top of the jar. Stir them back into the honey and top up with more warmed honey, to completely cover the rose petals.
  8. Leave in a warm place for one month, stirring when you think of it.


You will also need to order in advance your purple pearl glitter sugar rim from a restaurant supply store, party store, cake baking store or Amazon.




Once you are ready to prepare your drink, make sure you Prosecco is cold.  In a wine glass, coat your rim (or in our case coat a rectangle along the side of the drink using a lemon) using the purple rim sugar mixture.    Place one ounce of the rose pedal mix in the bottom of the wine glass, then pour the Prosecco a little over half.  Sip Slowly and enjoy!