A long, overdue “goodbye” to 2020. It feels so good letting go of what had to be one of the most disappointing- and to some, devastating – years ever.  Common sense says that just by virtue of the calendar flipping to a new year that all is not going to be rosy overnight, but something about a fresh new year still gives me that much needed mental “break” from a very challenging year.


I always have a focus word each year. I started doing that instead of new year’s resolutions several years ago. Sometimes I think about what that word is going to be for weeks, but not this time.  I knew right away it was going to be “hope.”


Have you ever heard the story of Pandora? I’m not talking about Pandora on your phone. ?  I’m talking about ancient Greek mythology and the story of Pandora’s box.  If you are familiar with Greek mythology, Pandora, was the first woman on earth, molded after the beautiful goddess Aphrodite and given the gifts of health, generosity, peace, kindness, beauty and wisdom from the gods. She was also given the “gift” of curiosity.  The much-shortened version of this story is that she was given a box as a wedding present with instructions that she was not to open that box under any circumstances or conditions. Like the young child that cannot resist peeking into the Christmas gift the parent forgot to hide, curiosity got the best of her and she opened the box.


What happened after the box was opened?  All the evils of the world flew out – hatred, envy, greed, disease, poverty, pain, death, and war.  When she realized what had happened, she quickly closed the box before the last remaining thing in the box could escape: hope.  There are several variations of the ending of this story as well as interpretations to the meaning of the story.  In some variations of the story, hope remained in the box.  In other variations, some hope “escaped,” and there have been other various endings as well.


While I am no Greek scholar, my personal takeaway from “Pandora’s Box” is that despite all the doom and despair the world can throw at us, hope always remains. Whether it stays in the box or we take it out is up to US.  While none of us know yet what 2021 will bring, I choose to focus on HOPE.  Hope for better – a belief that things will get better, NOT just a wish, but belief that things will get better. I choose hope!


For 2021, Unconditionally Her will do our part in bringing our usual great content from each “sip of the month” and more great recipes, to special features each month such as January’s getting organized, a “new you” for the new year, travel, and more.   Not to be forgotten are regularly featured Untold stories of inspiration, perseverance, and HOPE.  Let’s take hope out of the box and embrace 2021!


Be Encouraged, Be Empowered, Be Inspired – Be Unconditionally YOU