I was challenged in school to write a creative story for the holiday season.  So, here is my letter to Santa told from the prospective of the Grinch who really never stole Christmas.  Merry Christmas everyone!


Dear Santa,


This is the Grinch who so-called “stole Christmas” writing to you to prove my innocence and to tell you my side of the story.  I mean, I’m not really complaining. I’m now quite famous as a result of that fictional story those Whoville people made up.


The day began when I woke up with a terrible headache. The Who’s were singing Christmas songs – very loudly.  It was all  NOISE NOISE NOISE!  So, I was thinking I could make my way to the village and ask them politely to quiet down. I packed up my sleigh led by my fearless dog, Max, and I was off.


The trip took longer than expected.  We were faced with nature’s obstacles and by the time we got there they were all fast asleep.


I looked around Whoville and everything was WRONG WRONG WRONG!  The colours were mismatched, and me (being a very good interior designer) gave them the present of fixing it all up. I loaded it all up on my sleigh with the help of Max. You can even ask Cindy Lou who she saw. 


But when the Who’s woke, they thought I was trying to wreck their Christmas. So, they got mad.  I tried to explain the story. It took some convincing, but they ended up believing me.


They invited me to dinner.  (I gotta say the green eggs and ham was very good.)  I just don’t understand why I am now considered a villain. It was just a big misunderstanding.


We are all good friends now. But the one thing I do want for Christmas, Santa, is a bottle of Advil for the next time I have a headache because those Who’s STILL won’t stop singing.


The Grinch Who NEVER Stole Christmas